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Item NoDimensions Drawing
MB 10
MB 15
MB 25
MB 40
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  • Commercial Milk boiler offered for canteens, hotels & messes.
  • Fully constructed in heavy duty gauge of Stainless Steel.
  • Boiler equipped with thermostat control and rotary switch for quick response time.
  • Double Jacketed body insulated with high density glass wool.
  • Lid, Side handles, side level indicator, water inlet panel, milk drain valve and hot water drain valve will be fitted.
  • Water leveler is equipped in the boiler.
  • Milk outlet faucet provided in the unit.
  • Height adjustable bullet feet.
  • Model available in various capacities.
  • This is mounted on SS stand with LPG Burner.
Fuel LPG
Heating type Double jacket
MB 10 10 Lts capacity
MB 15 15 Lts capacity
MB 25 25 Lts capacity
MB 40 40 Lts capacity