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Item No Dimensions Drawing
KM-WLT-610 Download Drawing PDF


  • The wide range of trolleys allows you to cover the different processes that occur inside the laundry and during the  distribution of linen.
  • Have the right trolley with the capacity you need ensures optimum linen circulation flow and greater productivity, which is reflected in your business's output.
  • Made of high grade & high durable stainless steel material.
  •  In addition to not requiring  maintenance.
  •  your investment will quickly pay for itself if you consider the length of time that you can use them.
  • This product is provided with wheels for easy transmission.
  • Trolley can be fabricated as per customized design.
Material Thickness 0.8mm - 3.15mm
Frame 1 1/4"X1 1/4" MS Angel Frame
Top Made out of 304 grade 16 SWG SS Sheet,18SWG SS side paneling on 04 -sides.
Leg Made out of 11/2" OD 16SW G SS pipe legs with adjustable bullet legs.