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About Us

Factory Setup

We are leading Commercial Equipment Manufacturers in Chennai. 

Since 1982 . we are in the field of Hotel Kitchen Equipment, Canteen Kitchen Equipment, Stainless Steel Kitchen Equipment, Kitchen Ventilation, Kitchen Hood Manufacturers and have satisfied tone of clients in various sectors.

We are the dignified part of the ACES group since 1982

Our Clients

Customers Reviews

Bought shawarma machine and chicken griller from kookmate and it was the best experience ever. I'd totally recommend it.
- Aathikah Farheen

Commercial Cooking Equipment Manufacturers

I have bought a shawarma machine from kookmate and the price and quality was awesome and I would definitely recommend it
karthik Nagarajan

We Are Well Known As

  • Commercial Kitchen Equipment Manufacturer.
  • Canteen Equipment Manufacturer.
  • Hotel Kitchen Equipment Manufacturer.
  • Kitchen Equipment Dealers.
  • Stainless Steel Kitchen Equipment Manufacturers.
  • Canteen Equipment Suppliers.
  • Air Pollution Control Equipment Manufacturers.

Our Expertise Sectors

We have provided our products and services to various sectors, which needed Commercial Kitchen Equipments & Hotel Kitchen Equipment Manufacturers in India. Our expertise sectors are given below

  • Hotels.
  • Hospitals.
  • Educational Institutions.
  • Industrial Canteens.
  • IT Parks.
  • Resorts & Restaurants.
Commercial Kitchen Equipment​

We Kookmate are well known Commercial Kitchen Equipment Manufacturer in India. We challenge to satisfy their desires for today’s quality and value with the World Class Kitchen Equipment Dealers and Service. We realize that our clients are the very motivations to proceed with our traditional services on Commercial Induction Kitchen Equipment, Commercial Kitchen Hood

Commercial Induction Kitchen

When you need the best Commercial Induction Kitchen Equipment in India, trust the company that has been offering kitchen expertise from many years since 1982. With an extensive range of Induction Kitchen Equipment specially manufactured to fit your exceptional needs, Kookmate offers you the absolute best in elegant design, uncompromising quality and services on Commercial Induction Kitchen.

Canteen Kitchen Equipment

As a reputable Canteen Kitchen Equipment Manufacturer in India and Canteen Equipment suppliers, our website highlights things from various driving brands and offers a full range of products that are suitable for both residential and commercial clients. We keep on expanding on our well-respected reputation by not delivering quality Canteen Kitchen Equipments in Chennai.

Hotel Kitchen Equipment

We at Kookmate combine our mastery over on technologies, a keen and sharp eye for feel and style while Manufacturing the Hotel Kitchen Equipments, Stainless Steel Kitchen Equipment products. It matter in the event that one of our clients buy a types of equipment’s for hotels kitchen – every item will be equivalent to the most stringent quality and precise utility of space so our worth is fantastic.

Commercial Kitchen Equipment Manufacturer

We are well known as Commercial Kitchen Equipment Manufacturer in Chennai and we have imprinted our brand in various sectors and with various Indian and foreign clients. Since we have a high-end Commercial Kitchen manufacturing unit with good skilled laborers, our product will ensure good quality and durability. And we are well known for our customer relationship and satisfaction. Because of this characteristic Kookmate is the best Commercial Kitchen Ventilation Systems Manufacturer in Chennai & Commercial Kitchen Hood Manufacturers. The Kookmate’s goal is to be a trustworthy manufacturer.

Canteen Equipment Manufacturer

Since we have clients from various Industrial units, we are also known as the Canteen Kitchen Equipment Manufacturer in India, Chennai. Our quality towards Canteen Kitchen Equipment Manufacturing is unmatchable. Every client requirement is being satisfied and will be satisfied whole heartedly.

By doing all this stuff we stand ahead when compared to other manufacturers in Chennai. Because of our quality, customer relation and services, we remain as the best Canteen Equipment Dealers in Chennai. The Kookmate’s goal is to make the customer delight with our canteen equipment products and services.

Stainless Steel Kitchen Equipment Manufacturers

Since the high – end canteen should consist of stainless steel, we developed a certain protocol to Manufacture Stainless Steel Equipments. We have bought imported machines to Manufacture Stainless Steel Kitchen Equipments. In order to manufacture it accurately, we have trained our labours in a precise and brilliant way and thus so no error can be obtained in our manufacturing, by this Kookmate is the Best Stainless Steel Kitchen Equipment Manufacturers in Chennai. The Kookmate’s goal is to produce innovative and quality products.

Commercial Kitchen Ventilation
Why our services are best for you?

Kitchens have to be hygienic and for that proper air has to be maintained always. Being the Commercial Kitchen Hood Manufacturers, we offer various Commercial Kitchen Ventilation Systems so that your kitchen gets proper ventilation. Fresh air is the most necessary thing when someone is cooking as it helps in preparing hygienic food. Ultimate freshness of air is maintained by when you serve you as Air pollution control equipment manufacturers.

Commercial Kitchen Ventilation Systems Manufacturers
Why choose us?

As manufacturers, we ensure various things to make your kitchen well ventilated. It helps in meeting all safety standards while maintaining the ambient kitchen air. The intense odor of cooked food can be annoying and that’s why effective ventilation is provided by us.

Our duty as pollution control equipment manufacturers helps us in providing you best services for Commercial kitchen ventilation systems manufacturers.

Best Air Pollution Control Equipment Manufacturers
At your service

As providers of the Air pollution control equipment manufacturers we ensure that you get the best services. It’s essential that kitchen hygiene and caretaking is done so that quality is not compromised. For this excellent equipments are the prime requirement and this is something which we aim to serve you. We are offering you most useful and long lasting kitchen equipments, which are nominal and very reasonable. You can find flow fans, centrifugal blower, down draft hood, and canopy with UV along with several others.

These would not just ensure better air supply in your pantry or kitchen but will also stop air pollution of any kind. We are not just Pollution control equipment manufacturers, but we also help in entire installation process and even the after services. The fragrance of cooked food could sometime be very annoying and this is why it’s essential that you get the right air control system in your kitchen or house.

Our Moto

  • To delight customers and dealers with our products.
  • To delight customers with our services.
  • To become best and trustworthy Commercial kitchen ventilation systems manufacturers.
  • To innovate new products.
  • To be a big part of the global commercial kitchen equipment manufacturing market.
  • To produce best quality at reasonable price.
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