AMC Service

We Offer Two Types Of AMC


  • We will be deputing experienced supervisor with 2 to 4 workers with Uniform will attend the services
  • A Log Book will be opened and work done will be certified at both the ends.
  • Essential Spares will be purchased and kept in your stock at your cost.
  • We will prevent the break down and keep the efficiency high.
  • The AMC will be done during the night time without affecting your Schedule.
  • A Service number will be provided to you and contact our Director to ensure satisfactory services.
  • Standby Equipments will be offered subject to Availability.


  • The Service Engineer with 2 to 4 workers with Uniform will attend the Services.
  • The Service is based on Oncall (or) Fixed Schedule times.
  • All the Spares will be charged Extra at actuals.
  • Standby Equipments will be charged Extra at Actuals.

Scope Of Work


  • All Equipments will be inspected for any LPG gas leakages, Steam Line Leakages, upto the Equipments (Limited to inside the kitchen area and Dining Area)
  • Loosened Components will be tightened as and when required after daily routine inspection.
  • Necessary gaskets, sealants and fastners will be provided based on site requirements.
  • Routine Inspection will be carried out for any Electrical Leakages, Malfunctioning, wornout,Electrical spares of electrical appliances inside the Kitchen premises.
  • Trolley wheels, will be checked for any malfunctioning, noisy operation, wear & tear etc.,

With Our Service We Can Assure

  • Significant increase in System Function & Efficiency.
  • Increased System Life Span.
  • Reduce the Energy Consumption and Operating Expenses.
  • Lower Maintenance Cost.
  • Compliance with all International Standards & Regulations.
  • Comfortable Working Ambience.
  • Quality Maintenance Service.
  • Complete Package of Maintenance Service to a Cost Effective Range.
  • Repairing and Upgrading Your Equipments.
  • Trouble shooting.

Benefits Of Partnering AMC With Kookmate

By Partnering with KOOKMATE you will receive flexibility,efficiencies, experience and expertise that you cannot find with a small stand alone staff. In today’s competitive era, quality is a prime factor. Quality Output from any equipments depends on repeat performance. To get repeat performance maintenance is a key factor.

Keeping your Kitchen running smoothly for long years is imperative to your operations success. By extending this service we show you that we KOOKMATE will always care for your Kitchen needs. It is a Promise that ensures complete freedom from all worries related to our Product. With proper Maintenance the Kitchen Exhaust System will look Great, Last Longer and be more Efficient.

So just pick up a phone and we are there at your Service. We ensure smooth functioning of our Product through assured Maintenance visits.



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