• This vessel is used for cooking rice, dhal, sambar, etc.
  • Made out of 16 SWG 304 Grade SS Sheet with lid, tilting handle, side support ‘U’ clamp.


Item No Dimensions Drawing
KM-SMV-115 80 lts
100 lts
150 ltrs
200 ltrs
250 ltrs

Product Features


  • This vessel is used for cooking rice,dhal,sambar,etc.
  • Made out of 16 SWG 304 Grade SS Sheet with lid, tilting handle, side support ‘U’ clamp.
  • It can be mounted on SS stand.
  • It can be unloaded by tilting the handle.
  • It is facilitated for easy cleaning also.
  • Safety valve and steam trap are provided.
  • High Efficiency Heating System with even heat distribution via Heating Elements cast into Aluminum, covering entire pan bottom.
  • Cooking Surface Guaranteed against warping.
  • Splash Proof.
  • Bead Blasted Cooking Surface resists sticking.
  • Fast Heat-Up and Recovery Time.
  • Balanced Design Permits Easy Tilting; with left or right mounted Tilt Handle.
  • All Stainless Steel Construction for durability and easy cleaning.
  • Lift-Off Cover with Adjustable Vent.
  • Sanitary Base Mounting for Table Top Installation.
  • Self-Locking Marine Type Tilt Mechanism: Prevents accidental tilting.
  • Safe to use, easy to handle and easy to cleaning.
  • Double or Single Pantry with Swing Spout provided (Optional).
  • Faucet Bracke, Poaching Pan, Vegetable Steamer are provided (Optional)

Product Specifications

Fuel LPG/Steam
Heating type Double jacket


ull stainless steel heavy duty vessel.
Direct steam injection.
Removable perforated(easy to clean) tray to drain water from cooked rice.
Pressure valve release.
Lever tilted or gear tilted.
Free standing / wall mounted frame.
With or without insulation.
Spring loaded / manually opened lids.
Bakelite handles to prevent heat conductivity.
Standard capacity – 10 to 150 liters. Custom made also available.



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