Item No Dimensions Drawing
KM-COC-707 36″ X 24″ X 36″ + 48″ Download Drawing PDF


Product Features

  • Display Products in bakeries, confectioneries, food courts etc in the most unique way.
  • 18 SWG. Stainless sheet exterior, 22 SWG. Stainless steel interior.
  • Shelves of glass or stainless steel are optional.
  • Forced Draft Technology – Heating element with fans for proper in and out air circulation.
  • Drain with garden hose connector for ease of cleaning.
  • Italian Granite top as serving deck (Optional)
  • Various types of glass designs and shapes are available.

Product Specifications

Capacity 1.5 kg/Batch
Power Consumptions 1.5 Kw
GN Pans 1/6 x 4″ = 2Pcs. / 1/9 x 4″ = 2Pcs.


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