Item No Dimensions Drawing
L l/s m3/h
1000 305 1100
1500 445 1600
2000 610 2200
2500 805 2900
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Product Features

  • Stainless steel, welded construction
  • Lateral slotsLateral slots
  • Condensed water collecting channel with drain cock
  • Fluroscent light fixtures
  • Internal baffles
  • Exhaust air connection with damper
  • Testing and balancing ports for accurate commissioning and verification

Product Specifications

  • The DSE condensate extraction canopy is designed to effectively condense and extract steam and water vapors generated by dishwashers and cooking pots.
  • The canopy employs specially designed baffle plates installed at an angle for effective condensation.
  • The condensed water separated from air flows into a collecting channel and can be drained via an integral drain cock.
  • The canopy is manufactured from Stainless steel and is of welded construction. All edges are enveloped and rounded free from burrs.
  • The light fixtures are splash and water proof IP 54 rated with heat resistance upto 110°C.
  • The exhaust spigots are fitted with exhaust dampers as a standard.


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