Item No Dimensions Drawing
Width W
in MM
in MM
in MM
600 550 50
600 400 50
400 550 50
400 400 50
200 550 50
200 400 50
200 330 50
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Product Features

  • Effective separation of oils, vapours and other fluid mists (aerosols).
  • All basic elements can be cleaned and reused – no throwaway separators.
  • Heat, flame and grease proof.
  • Stainless steel frame.
  • All filters come complete with a pair of handles
  • Curved laminated metal vanes with aerodynamic shape and ‘U’ shaped frame
  • Top and bottom drainage holes .
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Compliant with the requirements of DW172

Product Specifications

  • Cyclone type grease filter offer easy clean-ability with an attractive appearance and is suitable for kitchen canopies with drip trays.
  • The Mechanical separators include patented special profile section, spacers and a patented two-part frame.
  • The self-cleaning effect is due to the special shape of the profile sections, the smooth surfaces and the easy-care layout.
  • Fire suppression system can be easily integrated into canopy.
  • Standard models avaliable are wall mounted and Is-land type.


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