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KM-CFF-1002 450x450x600 Download Drawing PDF

Product Features

  • Centrifugal flow Fans are used in kitchen for exhaust the flue gas through duct.
  • Fans are available in belt drive and direct mounted operation.
  • Fans are available in wide range of combination from ” to” impeller diameter.
  • Motor rating is available from 0.37 Kw for 2,4 & 6 poles versions.
  • Fans impeller’s are made high grade mild steel material.
  • Impeller having aerofoil design. And dynamically balanced.
  • High grade shaft material and spherical roller bearing’s used for smooth operation.
  • Fan Casing is made of heavy gauge MS Sheet having robust construction.
  • Fans are supplied with following accessories
  • Common base frame for fan and motor
  • V- Belt drive set.
  • Belt guard
  • Motor Slide rail
  • Foundation bolts
  • Anti vibrating mounting
  • Damper

Product Specifications

25hp to 150hp
Impeller size
450mm – 1600
Motor rating 250 kw
Fans speed 400 – 2880
Operating Temperature 40 c
Efficiency 85.00%


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